Does Anyone Remember Ringer?

Does anyone else remember the TV show “Ringer”? The one with Sarah Michelle Gellar?

I watched it when it was on back in 2011/2012, but no one else I know seems to remember it! It only lasted one season, so I shouldn’t be surprised that no one remembers it.

From what I remember, the show was about twin sisters (SMG played both of them). This was on 5/6 years ago, so sorry if I’m getting some details wrong!

The twin that was a little bit of train wreck, Bridget I think, had to go see her rich, snobby sister, Siobhan. Basically, they went off on a boat, no clue why, and Siobhan apparently drowned. She just disappeared. Because Bridget was in the witness protection program, she just decided to take her sister’s identity. One of the perks of being a twin.

From there, Bridget had to deal with Siobhan’s husband and stepdaughter who of course thought that she was Siobhan. Things got very awkward at times.

The show wasn’t amazing, but it was certainly better than a lot of shows that get renewed. I was pretty annoyed  when it was cancelled. I remember being annoyed because Ringer was cancelled and Hart Of Dixie was renewed. Don’t hate me for that Hart Of Dixie fans. I was just angry.

Anyway, Ringer was a decent television show. I didn’t want to put too many spoilers in this post in case anybody wanted to go watch it online. Sooo, if you did watch Ringer back in the day, comment below with your thoughts on the shows! And if you didn’t…go watch it, I guess.