I hated Batman V Superman

I literally just finished watching Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and I had to write a post about it.

It was soooooo long. Batman and Superman met for the first real time 60 MINUTES into the movie. There was 60 minutes of build up to that one scene. I hated most of the movie except for the last 40/30 minutes when things really started happening.

There was far too much build up. I was relieved when Superman and Batman actually started to fight because every other action scene (and there weren’t many) felt unnecessary.

I couldn’t actually understand why they were fighting. I can understand Batman wanting to get the kryptonite in case Superman went crazy, but he didn’t go crazy. He didn’t do anything horrible to anyone and Batman still wanted to kill him. Yes, KILL him. Even though, from everything I know about the character, Batman doesn’t kill. He hates killing, so why was he preparing to stab Superman with a kryptonite spear which I’m pretty sure would have killed him. Did the people that made the movie even know that much about the characters?

There was no real motivation for them to hate each other. Okay, Superman thought that Batman was too brutal and Batman was still pissed off about Superman destroying a lot of the city in the previous Superman movie, but was that really enough for them to want to kill each other? Granted, Superman only wanted to kill Batman because his mother was being held captive by Lex Luthor and if he didn’t killed Batman, his mother would die. He gets a pass for that, but Batman absolutely doesn’t.

Speaking of Lex Luthor, what a freak. Now I don’t much about Superman comics. I’ve never cared enough about the character to read one, but from all of the stuff I’ve heard and the movies/animated series that I’ve seen, hasn’t Lex Luthor always been a very intelligent older character? I’m sure that in some versions, he’s been portrayed differently. This version of Lex Luthor was just an awkward, crazy little freak. I couldn’t really figure out his motivation to want Superman or Batman killed either.

The ending was extremely anticlimactic. Superman died, there was a funeral and a lot of sadness at the end of the movie, but it was all pointless because everyone knows that a Justice League movie will be coming out, so clearly, he didn’t die. It was a waste of time.

The big action scene at the end was actually pretty decent although I spent the whole time thinking that Wonder Woman was fighting more than Batman or Superman up until Superman died to kill the creature.

All that this boring movie did was make me more excited to see the Wonder Woman film this year because, she was pretty much the best character in the film.

The Sims 4 Is Still Disappointing

I bought The Sims 4 a few years ago, right after it was released. The Sims 3 was one of my favourite games, so of course, I was excited about the new game. However, shortly after I started playing it, I realised that there really weren’t as many new features as I thought there were.

The new create a sim is kind of better than The Sims 3 version. Kind of. You can change the features of the sim more easily, but I did think that they made create a sim more complicated than necessary. Do I really need to choose my sim’s walking style? I don’t care about that.

There are a lot more clothing choices. The colours for the clothing seem so limited though. They also only allowed sims to have three trait slots compared to the five trait slots that were used in The Sims 3. That felt like the sims actually had less personality. There were a lot of negative traits and when I chose positive traits that were supposed to help the sim during gameplay, I didn’t notice the traits helping at all. There were so many things to decide on create a sim, it took forever just to be able to play the actual game.

When I finally started playing, I noticed “whims” which are basically the “wishes” that they had in The Sims 3. If you’ve played The Sims 3, you know that each time you fulfill one of the wishes, you get points that can then be used to buy lifetime rewards, like the ability to stop the aging process or “steel bladder” which stopped the sims from needing to use the bathroom.

The “whims” in The Sims 4 are frustrating. While some wishes in The Sims 3 had like 1,000 points for completing them, the same whim might only give 100 points. I always thought that buying lifetime rewards were important because then I could spend less time cooking and sleeping and more time doing what I wanted to do in the game. You can’t do that in this game! A lot of whims are only worth 25 points or 50 points while some of the lifetime rewards are worth 4,000. It took forever to buy any rewards. Because of this, I did have to spend more time than I would have liked doing the mundane things.

This only got worse after I got the sim a job. Jobs and schoolwork are so much more difficult! To get a promotion, you need to do a daily task which could be “make business calls” if you go into the business career track. You need to do this stupid task EVERY DAY. Combine that with the fact that you need to build up certain skills, which take forever, to get a promotion and you’re basically working most of the time.

I barely had any time to do anything fun in the game! I was just stuck keeping the health bars up and building the skills. It wasn’t fun to play. None of the amazing features that were mentioned in the trailer made much of a difference. The emotions that were supposed to completely change the game play did nothing at all really. Overall, I just ended up thinking that the game was made more difficult.

So many features were taken out of this game. Swimming pools, toddlers, the ability to go around the town without loading screens, there were a lot of issues. They have added swimming pools and toddlers now, so I’m hoping that they will add more of the missing features in the future. You need to sit through a loading screen every time you want to go anywhere as well.

When I made one of my married sims cheat on their spouse, just to create some drama because I was bored, the faithful spouse walked in on the cheater literally making out with someone else and there was no reaction. Nothing! I do think that they updated the game and changed that a little bit, so that now, if a sim walks in on that, they will get angry and the relationship bar will go down a little, but if you leave it a few days, you can very easily build that back up. In The Sims 3, if something like that happened, a lot of the time it would end in divorce and the relationship would be severely damaged. It was quite hard to get the relationship bar back up when that happened. It was more realistic. It’s much more difficult to create drama in this game.

I could go on about more of the issues that I have with the game, but there are too many problems to list.

I’m sort of stuck playing The Sims 4 though because I have so many expansions for The Sims 3 that the game has slowed down to a ridiculous point and even when I try to use fewer expansions, the game is still very difficult to play. I’ve spent 10-15 minutes in the past just waiting for the game to save. I can’t play it anymore.

In the past, every Sims game felt like it was better than the last. The Sims 4 however, feels like a big step backwards.


Does Anyone Remember Ringer?

Does anyone else remember the TV show “Ringer”? The one with Sarah Michelle Gellar?

I watched it when it was on back in 2011/2012, but no one else I know seems to remember it! It only lasted one season, so I shouldn’t be surprised that no one remembers it.

From what I remember, the show was about twin sisters (SMG played both of them). This was on 5/6 years ago, so sorry if I’m getting some details wrong!

The twin that was a little bit of train wreck, Bridget I think, had to go see her rich, snobby sister, Siobhan. Basically, they went off on a boat, no clue why, and Siobhan apparently drowned. She just disappeared. Because Bridget was in the witness protection program, she just decided to take her sister’s identity. One of the perks of being a twin.

From there, Bridget had to deal with Siobhan’s husband and stepdaughter who of course thought that she was Siobhan. Things got very awkward at times.

The show wasn’t amazing, but it was certainly better than a lot of shows that get renewed. I was pretty annoyed  when it was cancelled. I remember being annoyed because Ringer was cancelled and Hart Of Dixie was renewed. Don’t hate me for that Hart Of Dixie fans. I was just angry.

Anyway, Ringer was a decent television show. I didn’t want to put too many spoilers in this post in case anybody wanted to go watch it online. Sooo, if you did watch Ringer back in the day, comment below with your thoughts on the shows! And if you didn’t…go watch it, I guess.